Ouija Bath Bomb

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Refreshing black grapes, orange, black plum, berries, apple and pineapple drenched in chilled red wine.

 How to use it
Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the Bath Bomb and lay back, enjoy and relax! Some Bath Bombs contain flower petals. If you prefer not to have these pieces floating in your tub, wrap the Bath Bomb in a recycled nylon before use. I don't suggest you to hold the bath bomb while it's in action, it might dye your hand for a while.

What's in it
Natural Ingredients include: Sodium Bicarbonate without aluminum, GMO freeCitric Acid, Fragrance Oil, Kaolin Clay, and Coconut oil

👍100% Handmade
🌿All natural ingredients
❌Phthalate Free
Made in USA