VSF Horror Box

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*DISCLAIMER* Images are variants of what you may receive in each box! You will not receive items exactly as pictured, you may receive other items. 

•Each box will include a tumbler

•The basic box will include a tumbler and other small handmade VSF items.

The Medium box will have a tumbler and a T-shirt and more VSF goodies.

•The large box will have a Tumbler, a T-shirt, Vsf goodies and a vsf sweatshirt or hoodie.

•The Deluxe box will have TWO tumblers, TWO T-shirts, Vsf goodies, and a hoodie or sweatshirt! 


  • If you dislike specific colors please put that in the notes of your order!
  • If you'd like for us to include a note from you to the recipient please include that in the notes of your order!


•Everyone’s package will be different! These boxes are limited so order fast! They will come with 4-6 items,

This box is a surprise so you will not know what you get until it arrives. This box is 100% NOT refundable, as this is a surprise and you “get what you get”.

Please select your unisex size from the menu as it may be needed for your box!

 Processing time is 4 weeks for the first 20 and 5 weeks for any after that!